Sunday, September 6, 2009

Coupon Lingo

WYB:  when you buy
BOGO: buy one get one free or 50% off
Catalina:  a coupon that prints from a catalina machine next to a register
RR:  Register reward, good off your next order at Walgreens, don't use these on the same item for which
        you received the RR, you won't get another RR.
CRT: Cash register tape coupon that prints at the bottom of your receipt, usually CVS
EB/ECB: extra bucks (used to be extra care bucks) CVS coupons good off your next purchase
               these are attached to whichever card generated that receipt.
SS:  Smart Source insert from the Sunday paper.  A date followed by SS, RP, PG indicates which
       Sunday insert the coupon is available.
RP:  Red Plum insert from the Sunday paper and for some areas on Wednesday in the mail.  See above.
P&G: Proctor & Gamble insert from the Sunday paper, available usually only once a month.
FAR:  Free After Rebate
FARR:  Free After Register Rewards (Walgreens)
FAEB:  Free After Extra Bucks (CVS)
MIR:  Mail in Rebate
MC:  Manufacturer's Coupon
Q:  Coupon
WAGs:  Walgreens
RA:  Riteaid
OOP:  Out of pocket
Rinse and Repeat:  doing the same transaction or set of transactions over and over.
PSA:  Prices Start At
Overage:  When coupon, store coupon, or combination of both, etc. exceed the item value and this amount
                is credited to the rest of your transaction.
MM:  Moneymaker, see above, this can apply to the whole transaction.
SCR:  Single Check Rebate program at RA
TMF:  Try Me Free

Coupon Resources

The most common sources of coupons are the inserts that come in your Sunday paper.  What most people don't realize is how buying multiple papers each Sunday will allow you to have multiple coupons to stock up on needed items at rock bottom prices.  I know before Sunday rolls around what coupons should be in my Sunday paper and this helps me plan how many I will purchase.  How do I know what coupons will be available?  I check the following websites: (click on tracker) (check into her forums)

Even then, I live in a fairly coupon poor area, so I purchase my papers at my local Walgreens or Rite Aid, where I can check the coupons out before I purchase the papers.  I also use thecouponclippers to supplement whatever "good" coupons I do/did not get in my papers.  I have been doing this coupon thing so long that I generally know what coupons we never get (Huggies diapers, but we always get pullups) that I know what coupons to buy as soon as she puts them up on Friday night.  Sometimes, this is cheaper than purchasing more than 2-3 papers, sometimes it is worth it to use my register rewards at Walgreens to purchase as many as 5 papers, it just depends upon the week. 

You can also get coupons from the internet. and are excellent resources of printable internet coupons.  These two sites generally reset at the beginning of the month and the best coupons go very quickly.  Each coupon can be printed twice from the same computer/ISP address.  There are also thousands of other coupons available on the internet, these can be found through the coupon database by selecting "printable" as the source of the coupon.  Another tracker is the website, but I find many of their links expired.

Many companies will mail you coupons, too.  Huggies, similac, enfamil, and the grocery store Kroger are good examples of this.  Simply go to their websites, sign up, and here come your coupons.  Walmart has a free sample program that will send you their available samples that you select and generally there is a coupon with that item.  Vocalpoint is a product testing/review company that sends you coupons to try products for free and then also sends you coupons for a specified dollar off amount for the same product.  This is a great program!  Go to to see if they are accepting more members.

Store coupons are a great source of phenomenal savings when combined with manufacturer's coupons.  Up until this point I have only discussed manufacturer's coupons, because those are the vast majority of coupons available, but there are some great deals to be had at stores like Target, CVS, Walgreens, Riteaid, Kroger, and Publix (and many more!) with store coupons.  Target coupons can be found in coupon generators at,, and  I recommend these websites more than the Target website, because the Target website will only show you coupons they deem appropriate for your area instead of all coupons available.  CVS coupons are printed out at coupon stations within the store or at the end of your receipt (as in my area, we have no beloved coupon generators).  These can be combined with manufacturer's coupons.  You can also occasionally print store coupons from the cvs website.  Walgreens store coupons have been available through emails and coloring books you can purchase at the pharmacy, and more recently, through booklets printed every month.  See the front of your store for coupon booklets.  Riteaid has store coupons available through their website and their weekly store ads.  Kroger sends their coupons out in home mailers, be sure to register an address with your store card.

Coupons can also be attached to store loyalty cards, such as Kroger and Winn Dixie.  I love Kroger so let's discuss Krogers options first.  Kroger has the Proctor & Gamble, shortcuts, cell-fire, and unilever programs available to download to their store card.  Simply visit their websites through the Kroger website and select the coupons you want to load to your card, print the list of downloaded coupons, and go shopping!  You can also combine these store card coupons with manufacturer's coupons, but you cannot combine a cell-fire and shortcut/P&G/Unilever coupon.  Generally cell-fire comes off first, then if you purchase another of the same item, then the shortcut or other coupon will come off.  Winn Dixie has the Upromise coupons available, and basically, if you have a Upromise account, you can load coupons to your card, and when you purchase the item , that coupon amount is added to your Upromise account.  I don't like "incidental" savings programs like Upromise, so I would rather save the money upfront on my groceries and enjoy the savings so I can invest more purposefully.  Therefore, I love me some Kroger!

Saturday, September 5, 2009

Coupon Saturday

I usually take Fridays to do my "couponing", but this was a busy week at work, so coupons had to wait until after the housework was done today. I managed a good trip to Winn Dixie and a great trip to Target. At Target, I bought the following:

4 Schick Intuition Plus, on sale 6.99e
2 Chef Michaels Dog Food 4.26e
2 Chef Michaels DF Pouches .84e
4 Chef Michaels DF cups .84e
1 Goodlife Catfood 6lbs. 6.99
1 Friskies Cat Food 4.04
1 Huggies Sz.5 Jumbo pk. 8.99

I used the following coupons: 4.00 off Schick Target Coupon (4)
4.00 off Schick Manufacturer Coupon (4)
3.00 off Chef Michaels, any bag (2)
1.50 off Chef Michaels, any bag (2)
.84 off Chef Michaels cans, Target Coupon (2)
.84 off Chef Michaels cans, Man. coupon (2)
3.00 Man. coupon for Huggies (1)
1.50 Target Coupon for Huggies
By giving the target coupons first, then the manufacturer's coupons, I was able to get overage and bring an original $65 total down to $3.19!!! The bottom of my receipt states "you saved $67.54" which must include the calculations for sales prices on top of all the coupon savings.

Winn Dixie:
Winn Dixie has been popping out $10 off $50 purchase coupons every week for me. This week was a decent week to use one (I remembered that alcohol doesn't count toward this total), because I had cheese coupons (Kraft cheese is 3/$5), ketchup coupons, Mt. Olive pickles coupons, Welch's fruit juice coupons, and now that I know Goodlife dog and cat food are on sale for 3.99 for the next couple of weeks, I am going to really have fun with the Winn Dixie catalina for $10 off $50.

Welcome Message

Welcome to my blog! I am a South Mississippi native, shopping with coupons, sales, and store rewards to the benefit of my pocketbook. My blog will be alot about coupons and personal finance, some about my own financial journey, and a little about me and my family. Welcome!